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The Four Part Worksheet To Creating Your Killer Brand Strategy ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Develop your brand strategy so that you can create better messaging that connects with your ideal client!

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Hey! Iโ€™m Jessica

Iโ€™m a Brand + Marketing coach for purpose-led women who donโ€™t just want to build a business but a brand so that they can be authentically themselves while making an impact.

I started in the marketing world over 5 years ago and launched my first business, a Web Design & Branding studio, last year! But after seven months of full-time work + world travel, I was left feeling burned out and questioning why I wasnโ€™t waking up excited to work on my business.

Thatโ€™s when I discovered that starting a business purely for freedom's sake isnโ€™t enough. Knowing that I wasnโ€™t doing what I truly wanted to do in my Web Design + Branding business was hard to accept but Iโ€™ve taken all my experience, from the branding to business knowledge, and finally stepped into what I truly wanted to create.

I help my clients get unstuck, build a personal brand, and strategically launch a business thatโ€™s in alignment with their purpose.