60 Things I Know To Be True When Starting A Business


Ok, so you’re probably thinking I’ve been an entrepreneur for decades now because of the title but truthfully it’s been about a year and two months.

I’ve been journaling in the mornings almost every day since quitting my full-time corporate job so I have a pretty long list of things, thoughts, ideas, lessons, or whatever you want to call them.

So here are some things that I’ve written in my journal since diving in head first into the entrepreneurial world…

Side note: Some of these might sound funny but I am going to transfer them here word by word because I want it to reflect exactly what was going through my mind on that day.

#1: It is scary/exciting to be in a position where I have this opportunity some people only talk about taking

#2: Stop being scared of this transition and simply embrace it

#3: Allow yourself to have a schedule/calendar without becoming self-absorbed in it… give yourself grace

#4: Action cures all fear

#5: I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited to work on something… knowing I am working on something for myself

#6: As we get older we lose our sense of possibilities & it gets replaced with reality. But reality is subjective, our reality is created by our perception of what is possible

#7: I need to learn to find balance and take some time to be with my family and friends

#8: Loving what you do is a good start to doing what you love

#9: Being overly optimistic is better than being overly pessimist

#10: Comparison is the easiest way to misery

#11: Enjoy the journey and be ok being where you are at this moment because growth only comes from the process not the result

#12: I don’t know what the future has in store for me except that I have the power to influence it

#13: The difference between achieving or not is having the knowledge and patience necessary

#14: Be bold and take risks because if you’re not then you’re being careful & playing safe

#15: The only way to get what you want is to give what they deserve

#16: Stop taking life so seriously! Life is but a game to see who is daring enough to actually live not merely exist

#17:Why’ is it that sometimes others believe in me more than I believe in myself?

#18: Live in the moment & acknowledge that the place that you are in now, you once wished you could be at but it seemed so far away

#19: Your passion is for you and your purpose is for others but it is through passion that you will achieve your purpose

#20: Is the question what makes me happy or how can I be happy with no outside influence?

#21:Why me or why not me? It’s the way you perceive it.

#22: Who do I have to be to get to where I want to be? I think this relates back to habits & emotions. What habits do I have to put into place day in & day out to get me those results? What emotions do I have to have within me to allow myself to enjoy the process so that I enjoy the journey and not just focus on the end result

#23: Don’t be too hard on yourself… be patient & know that your efforts will pay off

#24: Getting to bed on time is the key to being productive the next day

#25: I need to surround myself with people I want to be like & admire

#26: Learn to let go of what you can’t control

#27: Be who you want to be and you will become who you are meant to be

#28: Being grateful is more than being thankful, it’s being appreciative of what you have now while knowing that tomorrow you might not

#29: You will never have the time you wish you had to make the most out of the time you do have

#30: A story is but a way to make others feel what you feel, see what you see, and dream like you dream

#31: The more you learn the more there is to learn

#32: You’re only as strong as your mindset

#33: Don’t limit yourself because you think something is so out of your reach, it may be now but it won’t be later

#34: I can’t help but wonder if I am wasting my time. Like what if I do all this and it fails? But then again the only reasons it would be a failure is if I don’t learn from it and I know I would

#35: Self doubt becomes self-sabotage

#36: What ifs are dream killers. Doing is the only way to actually figure out whether or not you will like something

#37: There is no doubt in my mind that this is possible… I can create a life that I am excited to live, where I am helping others fulfill their passions

#38: Meditation is not a waste of time but an investment in yourself

#39: What type of person do you want to be remembered as?

#40: Regret is not something I am willing to risk

#41: Put work in and know that building something takes time and patience. It might not happen overnight but it will happen if you deploy patience, humility, and hard work

#42: Life is an experiment not a test… it’s not a pass or fail but a live and learn

#43: You know the answer.. why are you so afraid to take that answer and make a decision with it?

#44: Everything really comes down to mindset and perspective

#45: Don’t let one little temporary thing define your mental state! Everything is figureoutable #marieforleo

#46: Open your mind to all the possibilities and let go of expectations

#47: Don’t expect anything from anyone besides yourself

#48: Reading articles about other peoples success should not stress you out… don’t feel like you are missing out on anything! Don’t go towards the latest trend… go towards what brings the most value to your life

#49: Its good to have role models but know the difference between a role model and trying to mold yourself into something you are not

#50: I feel like most successful people used their skills and intuition to create their path rather than got stuck reading article after article about “how to”

#51: Happiness is not a point in time but finding the point in the time you spend doing what are doing

#52: Everyday is an opportunity to progress and become better than who you were yesterday

#53: Your choice on what you do with your time is yours so stop stressing about how you chose to spend it

#54: You create what you think is real

#55: How intentional are you being about the life you want to create?

#56: Believe and you will succeed

#57: If you want to become good at something then practice it

#58: Impostor syndrome is a real thing

#59: Everyday is a new day so I can either choose to stress about the future or enjoy the present

#60: Stop being a student in order to avoid taking action