Do You Wish You Were Normal?


Being normal is over rated yet we all wish we were “normal” but what does “normal” even mean these days?


If you’re reading this hoping I have an answer for you then I am sorry to disappoint, but I cant give you a concrete answer. Actually, I would object and say that there is no such thing as “normal”. But what I do know is what society tells us normal looks like. Call it personal experience if you will.

We are told that being normal is following a certain path. A path that goes a little like this:

Going to college, graduating, getting a great job, falling in love, getting married, raising a family, retiring, finally having the time/money to travel, enjoying your hobbies (if your healthy enough to do so), become grandparents, enjoy your grandchildren, and well you know the last part.

What normal is supposed to be goes beyond taking a certain path and into our personal space/thoughts. You shouldn’t act a certain way but need to look this way. This is shoved down our throats day in and day out so I don’t blame you for wanting to be normal.

I’ve learned that there actually isn’t such a thing as being normal. What may be “normal” for me is not “normal” for you so we will never agree. 

Normal is simply accepting who you are while realizing that others aren’t wrong for not being and doing the things you do.

Last year I struggled with this quite a bit.

I was constantly asking myself why I couldn’t be a little more “normal” .

Why can’t I just be happy with this great paying job for one of Forbes top ten companies? Why can’t I love living in L.A? Why did I move from downtown to the suburbs? Why do I use my after 9–5 hours and weekends to take online courses? Shouldn’t I be out and about every weekend? Why am I so strict with my diet? I’m young so aren’t I supposed to enjoy this time and drink every weekend? All my close friends are either married or engaged so what the heck am I doing?

All these doubts are slowly becoming pointless as I realize that the truth is that’s just not me. My goals and aspirations are different.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with working for corporate but staying in it was wrong for me .

There’s still times where I feel frustrated for not being “normal” (according to society) but I have to remember that my goals, my wins, and my loses are exactly that… mine.

Whatever you decide to do, say, and be is your version of normal as long as it’s true to who you are.