The Problems (& Solutions) With Starting A Business Today


It was around midnight and I had already been working for about ten hours that day so I decided to take a “quick” FB break.

I’m sure we all know about those “quick” FB breaks, right? 🙈

Anyways, I had already quit my job and moved back home during this time so I was on full on hustle mode but decided to decompress for a quick second.

Next thing I know I was one hour into a “How To Start A Successful E-Commerce Business On Shopify” training.

This wasn’t the first time something like this had happened…

FB and IG ads are on point, so much that I had clicked on so many ads’s and taken random trainings about:

  • How To Start A FB Ad Agency

  • How To Dropship

  • How To Start An Amazon FBA Store

  • How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

  • How To Start A T-shirt Company

  • How To Offer Reputation Management To Local Businesses

These are all valid models so I’m not discounting any of them but can we talk about how much opportunity there’s out there nowadays!?

Starting a business nowadays is extremely easy but running a successful one is another story.

There so much opportunity out there that it’s common to get stuck in analysis paralysis and then end up taking unfocused action if any at all.

Yea, entrepreneurship is hotter than ever right now because

  1. It’s more possible than ever to start a business and make a living doing what you love

  2. Social media has amplified the reach and presence of entrepreneurs


Do I think everyone should start their own business?


Should everyone start their own business?


Ok, so clearly I contradicted myself there but what I mean is:

I truly want to see everyone around me live a life where they get to wake up every day and do what they love to do most while making a living doing it.


What I’ve come to realize is that not everyone wants the responsibility and effort that comes with being your own boss.

For those of us that feel called to start our own business, I’m sure you’ve experienced any if not all of the following problems:

  • ***Not knowing your why***

If you don’t know why you want to start a business then it’s easy to get sucked into all the different business model out there.

Knowing why you’re doing something is as or if not more important than actually doing it.

It wasn’t until I hired a brand coach that I truly defined my why, my vision, and my core values. Once I had this then it was easy to figure out what type of business I wanted to build for myself and for others.

Knowing your why helps eliminate the “I have too many passions” or the “let me see what I can do in order to make the most money” problems.

Wanting money is not a bad thing (actually it’s a good thing becomes money in the hands of good people is always good but as Tony Robbins says:

Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure — Tony Robbins


Knowing your “why” is what will lead you to a place of alignment and authenticity.

What do I mean?

Building a business is hard and unless you absolutely love and believe in what you’re trying to build then you will most likely quit when it gets tough.

Your passion is for you but your purpose is for others

Ask yourself the following questions and see what you come up with:

  • Let’s pretend money was not an issue. Whatever you decide to do there’s a market out there for it and there’s a demand. What is the one thing you would wake up every day and do?

  • What impact would you like to create during your lifetime?

  • What are three core values you absolutely believe in? Meaning if you were a brand and you operated on these three “rules” that you believe to be true then what would they be?

  • ***Comparing yourself***

I cannot tell you how many hours (and hourssss) I’ve wasted comparing myself to others and trying to recreate their path.

I figured that if they are where I think I want to be and they took that specific path, then I surely have to do the same.

It’s kind of embarrassing to admit but I literally wasted about 15+ hours trying to figure out how to emulate my Instagram after someone else's.

She was traveling the world and running her business as am I so I thought how hard can this be? I studied the way she used IG to communicate and even went as far as doing a photo shoot around Madrid in order to have good pictures for my feed.

Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are — Kurt Cobain


Lucky for me I realized that although she has the six-figure business, is coaching dream clients, and traveling the world, the way she got there was because she was being herself.

I too can get to my version of success but in a way that feels authentic to myself.

Her path took her to her destination so trying to jump on that path would only leave me stranded in a destination that was never meant for me.

We all have our own journey’s to take so stop trying to be the second best (insert name of the person you look up to) and start being the best you.

***Being headline readers***

“How I Made $10k in five days”

We’ve all seen those type of headlines floating around and we can’t help but click on them. I mean I know I’m guilty of clicking.

These types of headlines instill false expectations in us and leave us feeling “not enough” when we aren’t able to achieve the same results.

I get it, people want to get clicks on their articles but what about talking about the two failed businesses before then? What about the countless sleepless nights? Or the stress that came behind not knowing where your next client was coming from? Or all the debt they’ve incurred in trying to make things work before things finally started clicking?


Stop putting too much pressure on yourself and realize that no one makes $10k in five days without putting in some serious work before then.

Pressure can be external but doesn’t have to be internalized. You control what you let in.

I know it’s easier said than done (trust me I know the feeling) but as soon as you realize you’re in control of your life then it’s only up from there.

I know I talked about all the problems but these problems only exist because of all the opportunity that is out there.

Think about it…

Even 10 years ago starting an online business wasn't’ even a thing!

So if you’ve got your why, are authentic, and are ready to put in the work then why not go for it!?

Only you can answer this question


If you have the privilege of owning a computer or phone and reading this then I can guarantee you that you are the only one stopping yourself from going for it.