Why Most People Will Never Be Free


No boss.

No office to be at on Monday mornings.

No long commute.

No pointless team meetings.


Anyone is capable of creating the life that they want in order to be “free” but what if freedom isn’t what you thought it was?

What if freedom isn’t being your own boss and traveling the world but being ok with not knowing where you’re going?

The other day @celinnedacosta shared a page of her book “The Art of Being Human”, in which she wrote about what she learned about freedom during her travels.

She said something along the lines that freedom is not being free of responsibilities and obligations but being ok with not knowing where you’re going.

When there is lightness in your heart, there will be surely freedom in your heart — Balinese healer

Side note: If this is the first time you come across me you might be thinking “What does she know, quitting your job and traveling the world sounds like the definition of freedom!”

Well, I actually quit my job five months ago and two weeks ago I started a one year trip around the world, so I want to share what I’m learning as I go through this crazy entrepreneurship + travel journey.

This got me thinking about what freedom means to me and how much stress I constantly bring into my life by always wanting to know if I’m on the right path.

Most people (myself included) become consumed with a fear of not knowing what’s next but freedom only comes once we live in a way in which we allow ourselves to try new things regardless of the outcome.

Although having goals and a vision is super important, do you know what’s even more important? Your mindset as you pursue them.

Freedom is not necessarily a situation but a state of mind.

Having the drive to go after what you want and the mindset to embrace the journey is what freedom is all about.

Being confident that you will get there (wherever “there” might be for you) but not stressing on the how is what allows you to truly be free.

Last year, when I boarded my one-way flight from LAX to Barcelona and I knew that I had the “freedom” to go/work/live wherever I wanted and whenever I wanted yet I still didn’t FEEL free.

Actually, I felt quite the opposite.

I felt pressure to land clients, balance work with exploring, make friends, manage my money, figure out travel plans, keep up with my business Instagram, blog, build my brand, etc…

I am beyond grateful for the lifestyle I have worked so hard to build but I couldn't understand why I still didn’t feel the sense of freedom I thought I should.

I now know that the reason behind it is that I’m always wanting to know what’s next. I used the present tense because I’m still learning how to change my mindset and let go of always needing to know.

At the end of the day, we are all seeking growth and progress so as long as we grow does it really matter how we grew?

Or is it more important that we grew because we allowed ourselves to go forward as if success was inevitable?

What would you do differently if you knew (without a doubt) that your success was inevitable? — Kathrin Zenkina