Why Starting a Business For Freedom Isn't Enough

Overlooking Barcelona

If you’re lucky enough to be reading this then you most likely identify as someone who has freedom aka you aren’t physically being held somewhere against your will.


But that's not the type of freedom I'm talking about...

I'm talking about the type of freedom people are quitting their 9-5’s for nowadays.

It's the type of freedom that doesn’t have a place in a dictionary because it means something different to everyone.

The type of freedom I was chasing after when I quit my high paying corporate sales job last year.


Like the title says… freedom isn’t enough.

Starting a business for freedom only isn’t enough.

I thought it was hence the fact that I quit my job and started a business the next month.

Thing is, freedom without a why and aligned vision won’t last long.

To be honest,  I started my business for all the wrong reasons. I didn’t stop to think about why I was actually creating my business and what type of impact I wanted to have on the world.

All I knew was that I wanted a location independent business so that I could travel the world.

This is where I went wrong.

Wrong in the sense that I wish I could go back and do it all again while simultaneously being grateful for it because it taught me so many things about what I actually want in life and in business (because I mean they are both so intertwined when you own your own biz so might as well combine the two).

There’s no such thing as a wrong path though because a wrong path will *always* lead you to the right path. Without starting the forward motion of being on a path in the first place then you’d simply stay stuck.

I’m actually glad I was naive and started a business and then discovered how hard it was because I mean who knew starting a business was some hard ass shit 🤷🏻‍♀️

Starting a business purely for freedom's sake isn’t enough though. Soon motivation runs low and you can’t sustain a dream based on a non-existent why.  

Apparently, I had no clue about this concept so what did I do? I quit my job, moved back home with my parents, sold my car (meaning I had to drop $3k to break my lease), and bought a one-way ticket to Barcelona.

3 months into my trip I wrote this:

This trip around the world is not about the world but about what I can discover about myself by seeing the world. The only way I can make a difference is if I know who I am and what I can do.

BUT I now know that you don’t have to travel the world to discover who you are, you don’t even have to leave your house.

You’ve got to do a whole lot of trying new things and asking yourself the right questions.

Yea, freedom is a huge part of why most of us start businesses but what about:

  • What brings you joy on a day to day basis?

  • What would you do for free?

  • What do people come to you the most for?

  • What are your biggest interests? (Hint: look at your YouTube subscriptions and Podcast listens)

  • What would you do if you knew success was just a matter of when not if?

  • How do you want to make people feel?

  • If your IG bio could say anything in the world and you believed that you’re capable of doing what your title said then what would it say?

Once you can answer some or all of those questions then you can develop your actual vision.  Not a short IG “I help statement” but a full on vision on who you want to work with, how you want to work with them, and what you want to help them accomplish/benefits of working with you.

Here’s mine as an ex:

“Support stuck but relentless dreamers to create a business that gives them the freedom to reconnect with themselves, explore their passions, and build a fulfilling life.”

What’s the why behind your vision now?

Pretend you’re a 5-year-old again and ask yourself why as many times as you can.

Don’t quit your job just to get stuck on another hamster wheel of doing something just to make money and gain “freedom”! Whatever type of business you decide to start is gonna be hard so might as well do something you actually enjoy.

Your business is a reflection of the way you choose to live your life so how are you choosing to live yours?

When things get tough [and they will (I'm saying this in the most loving way)} and your “freedom” tank is low then you can find strength in your vision and why.  

You’ve probably seen this quote somewhere else but I’m gonna throw it out there one more time: “Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure” - Tony Robbins.

What’s the point of being successful in something that doesn’t serve you or the people on the other end. I rather be successful in something I love then successful in something I don’t want to be remembered for. What about you?