10 Cool Things You Can Do With Squarespace


I am continuing the Squarespace trend this week in order to bring you more Squarespace tips you can implement on your site or if you’re considering switching over to Squarespace this might just convince you!

Let’s jump right into it then! Here are 10 cool things you can do with Squarespace:


1. Use the built in pop-up

One of the (many) great things about Squarespace is that most features are built in, meaning you don't have to go and scavenger hunt through a list of plugins to find one that works. Pop up are no exception, as Squarespace has made sure we have access to these list building helpers. Want to make sure your audience snatches your new freebie? Then pop ups might be your new best friend!


How? Settings ➡️Marketing Promotional Pop up

You can completely customize the pop-up including:

  • Layout

  • Action

    • Sign up for a newsletter or click a button

  • Content

    • Headline

    • Body

  • Display & Timing

    • Pages it’s displayed on

    • Timing

      • On scroll or on set timer (or whichever one comes first)

    • Frequency

      • Indicate when it will be show again after visitor sees pop up

  • Image

  • Style

    • Font type

    • Font Color

    • Button Customization

    • Newsletter form customization

Promotional Pop-Up in Squarspace

From booking client calls with Acuity to using the Archive button to display your blog categories. Find out 10 cool things you can do with Squarespace! #squarespacetips

2. Book client calls with the Acuity integration

“What time are you available? I am available Monday and Thursday from 8-4 pm. Wait PST or EST? Oh, wait I thought you meant CST.”

Has that ever happened to you? Trying to schedule a call with someone through email is a task in itself but Squarespace has partnered with Acuity to help with all your client call bookings. Not only does it look more professional for you to use a dedicated booking system in your business but it saves you the headache of trying to do it through email.

You are able to set what day/times you are available and what time zone you are in! When a client goes to book an appointment/discovery call/consult with you Acuity adjusts your availability to their time zone so no more missed calls because of timezone miscommunication.

What if you are a business coach and charge per call? Acuity has you covered! You have the ability to set when a payment is required depending on what type of call is being scheduled.

You can also customize the colors on your acuity scheduler and add questions to be asked whenever someone books a call with you. Here is an example of what my clients see when they go to book a call with me:

Squarespace + Acuity Integration.

Oh, and how can I forget to mention the best part of it all, it’s completely FREE on their business plan. So you get the Emerging Entrepreneur Acuity plan ($15/month value) for free forever and ever!

How? Squarespace actually has details instructions on how to add the Acuity block to your site, check it out here.

3. Use a Cover Page as a Landing page

Cover pages are awesome for when you are building your site and you need something to display when someone goes to your site. They are great “under construction” pages but you know what’s a even better use for them? Landing pages!

You DON'T need to invest in Leadpages when you can use the Squarespace cover page option.

All you need to do is place your new page in the unlinked section of your site and get started building your landing page.

Back End of Squarespace Cover Page 

Back End of Squarespace Cover Page 

Wait, what are landing pages? Landing pages are basically a way for us marketers to make it easier for our audience to take the desired action without all the navigation distractions, pop-ups, sidebars, etc..

So whether you want someone to download your freebie or book a complimentary call with you you can use cover pages to create a custom landing page

Example of a Cover page turned Landing page 

Example of a Cover page turned Landing page 

4. Customize the Announcement Bar

The announcement bar is a site wide (excluding your cover pages) announcement that can be used to promote whatever your end goal is. For ex: I want my website visitors to book a free consult call with me so you best believe I make it known on my announcement bar.

You can customize the font, announcement bar color, text, and add a click through URL!

Here is how the back end of your site will look when adding the announcement bar:

Squarespace Announcement Bar.

How? Design  Announcement Bar

5. Create an Archive

Whether you’re a blogger or blog for your business you probably have a list of categories that you blog about and want to make these accessible. The archive blog is the absolute best way to get this done. You can actually group the archive by more than just the category of your blogs so can choose from the date, tag, or author.

Let’s say you don't blog but are a photographer, sell products, or have brick and mortar store… The archive block is still a good option for you since you can display gallery images, products, or events!

How? On any page click the plus button and type in archive to find the archive block

Squarespace Archive Block

6. Change THe Social Media Icon Color

Having social icons on your site that connect to your social media accounts and allow you to build a deeper relationship with your ideal clients is a must. But, what if you could change the them from a standard gray/black color to your brand colors?

After all, choosing those beautiful colors was not the easiest task and you want to make sure your site looks cohesive so all you have to do is head on over to your Style Editor and choose your custom social icon color.

Social Icon Color Change


7. Include a clickable email address

External Link URL.

“Thank you for your interest in connecting with JNL Media Co.! Whether you want to work together or simply have a question, please feel free to reach out. You can email us at hello@jnlmediaco.com or fill out this form. Expect to hear back within 48 business hours.”

See what I did there? The email address is clickable and opens up your email provider so you can start typing your email. All you have to do is highlight your email, click the link button, click external, enter “mailto:”, type your email out, then click open in new window, and you're done!

Clickable email address in Squarespace

8. Change your blog URL

Squarespace automatically pops your blog title into your URL but that’s not the url you have to stick with! For SEO it’s always a good idea to include the keywords you are trying to rank for on your url so if  aren't already on your blog title you can include the keyword on your URL. Make sure that your blog URL actually relates to your blog post and your not just keyword stuffing

Blog Post URL editing on Squarespace

9. Split navigation to surround your centered logo


If having your logo in the center rather than on the sides is your thing then you can do it by simply centering your logo through the Style Editor and then splitting your navigation into a primary navigation and secondary bar like this.


10. Customize Line Color

Using the line block allows you to break down a page into sections in a clean and natural way but a gray line may not always be your vibe. You can change the line color to match the rest of your color palette by going into Design ➡️Style Editor ➡️Content Colors ➡️ Line

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