10 Beautiful And Modern Websites Built on Squarespace


Squarespace is such a powerful platform for building websites thanks to its beautiful templates, style editor, blocks, CSS editor, and more.

It’s such a great platform for all you entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, small business owners, photographers, and bloggers! I actually wrote a blog post about how to know if Squarespace is a good fit for you so check it out here!

Squarespace is a truly versatile platform that works for virtually any industry so I wanted to take today to show off ten beautiful + modern websites powered by Squarespace!

I will drop a link to their live website so you can explore how beautifully designed + functional these websites are and will point out some design/website elements of each site.

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#1: #girlboss Foundation (Non-Profit)

Girlboss Foundation Squarespace Webiste

Girlboss Foundation Squarespace Webiste

Live Site


About: “Girlboss is a community of strong, curious, and ambitious women redefining success on our own terms. We are here to inform, entertain, and inspire action through the content and experiences we create. We are unapologetic in our beliefs and values of supporting girls and women who are chasing dreams both big and small.”

Design/Website Elements:

  • Static navigation bar

  • Use of two navigation bars

  • Index pages

  • A page dedicated to hosting podcasts

  • Can accept donations

#2.  Refinery 29 Creative (Creative Brand)

Refinery 29 Creative Squarespace Website

Live Site

About: “We’re a big team of dreamers and doers whose number one passion is bringing visual narratives and experiences to life. Whether it’s through original design, photography, illustration, video, or events, we get out of bed every day to explore the boundary-less world of possibility we’ve created together.”

Design/Website Elements:

  • Cover page set as the initial landing page

  • Video-heavy

  • Looks like they are using the Montauk template

# 3: Kristin Webster Coaching ( Life Coach)

Kristin Webster Squarespace Website 

Live Site

About: “I believe that embracing change begins with self-awareness, a centered mind, and a healthy, balanced lifestyle. From that place, I have seen how beautiful things can unfold even when life feels hard. I help my clients cultivate their personal best in their relationships with themselves, their families, and in their individual expression of their true purpose.”


Design/Website Elements:

  • Use of Index Page

  • Faux split footer created through links

  • Used to book appointments

  • Blog set-up

#4: Rhiannon Navin (Author)

Rhiannon Navin Squarespace Website

Live Site

About: “Rhiannon Navin grew up in Bremen, Germany, in a family of book-crazy women. Her career in advertising brought her to New York City, where she worked for several large agencies before becoming a full-time mother and writer. She now lives outside of New York City with her husband, three children, two cats, and one dog. Only Child is her first novel.”



Design/Website Elements:

  • Integrated opt-in on footer so that it appears on every single page on her site

  • Navigation folder

  • Pop-up

  • Used buttons to integrate book excerpt into the website

  • Links to purchasing books on third-party websites ex: Amazon


#5: Rodarte (Fashion brand + Online Shop)

Rodarte Squarespace Website

Live Site

About: “Rodarte is stocked globally by the world’s premier retailers including Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Selfridges, Ikram, Nordstrom, Opening Ceremony, Joyce, ShopBop, Trois Pommes, and Tsum.”


Design/Website Elements:

  • Rotating Gallery in the homepage

  • Image hover effect

  • E-commerce integration


#6: From Roses  (Blogger)

From Roses Squarespace Website

Live Site

About: " I'm Rebecca, I'm 27 and I currently reside in the countryside where I create [almost] daily content for the everyday girl who values everything from skin care, self-development & growth, style and everything else life can throw at us."


Design/Website Elements:

  • Montauk Family Template

  • Parallax Scrolling

  • Search bar in the footer

  • Image block customized in Style Editor


#7:  Ubereats (Food Delivery)

Uber Eats Squarespace Website

Live Site


About: “Uber Eats is the easy way to get the food you love delivered.”


Design/Website Elements:

  • Fixed navigation bar

  • Search bar for restaurants

  • Sign in and/or create an account

  • Place Order


#8: People LASI (Eye Surgery Center)

People LASIK Squarespace Website

Live Website


About: “Founded by Dr. Paul Walton, PEOPLE - lasik is a dedicated referral-based LASIK and PRK surgery center.”



Design/Website Elements:

  • Announcement Bar use

  • Index page homepage

  • Folder navigation

  • Mercer Template


#9: Riverdel (Restaurant)

Riverdel Squarespace Website

Live Site


About: “As the only vegan cheese shop in the US that showcases carefully curated product lines from all over the country, it's the first of its kind. We stock a wide variety of gourmet vegan foods — everything from caviar and bourbon barrel-aged maple syrup to non-dairy yogurts and nut milks — and also craft our very own in-house cheeses.”


Design/Website Elements:

  • Marquee family

  • Index page

  • Link to buy gift cards online

  • Dedicated gallery page


# 10: The Mama Ladder International  (Business Coaching)

The Mamma Ladder Squarespace Website

Live Site


About: “We’re on a mission to help women around the world thrive at the intersection of mamahood and entrepreneurship. We’re building a community of mamas helping mamas succeed. Why? With business training designed especially for moms, we want you to have the freedom to enjoy family AND your work passion on your terms.”


Design/Website Elements:

  • Custom font

  • Index page

  • Mini Course pop-up

So there you have it! 10 beautiful and modern websites all built on Squarespace. As you probably noticed, these websites represent super different industries but that was the whole point of it! I wanted to show you how diverse Squarespace is and how you can build a professional site that represents your vision. 

I don't know about you but these websites don't look like any basic template to me. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.