5 Game Changer Squarespace Tips You Wish You Knew About Earlier


If you are a frequent visitor here then you know how obsessed I am with Squarespace and all that you can do with the platform! So it shouldn't be any surprise that today’s blog post is about all things Squarespace, particularly five tips that will up your Squarespace game.

You may have seen some of these things when you were browsing through your back-end but never really knew what they were, well that is until now. So let’s get right into the the five tips you wish you knew about earlier:

There is so much you can do with Squarespace but some things aren't as obvious as others! I put together a list of five Squarespace tips to help you customize your site and save you time. Don't forget to re-pin if you find it helpful!

#1) Summary block

The summary block is one of my favorite blocks to use right now! It’s actually what allowed me to have a sidebar on my website that’s built on the Brine family template aka does not have built in sidebar capabilities.

I simply:

  1. Unlinked my blog page

  2. Made a new linked page

  3. Added a summary block

  4. Added a sidebar manually by dragging a text box next to the summary block and resized it

There is actually a whole video tutorial that you can check out here if you want to learn how to do it step by step.

There are a couple of ways you can use the summary block within your pages:


Summary Block

Why would a summary block even be helpful you may be thinking ? (besides helping you achieve a sidebar look). Wellll so glad you asked!  First of all there are several types of content you can add to a summary page including:

Plus you can add several summary blocks into the same page so although you can only add one type of content on every summary block you have no limit on how many summary blocks your allowed to add to a single page.

Adding summary blocks to your page allows you to display a certain amount of info that can be seen visually rather than just saying “Click here to see our upcoming events” you can actually display them. Super convenient, right? On top of this you can even choose what other info displays for ex:

  • Number of Items

  • Title

  • Thumbnail

  • Excerpt

  • Read More link (for blog posts)

  • Event Timeframe

  • Primary Metadata

  • Secondary Metadata

  • Category Filter

  • Tag Filter

  • Featured Filter

#2) Blog Template

Ok, so this is another hugeee one that will save you so much time when it comes to blogging. Whether you are a blogger or have a business, writing valuable content for your audience is super important so having a template you can use over and over again is helpful.

Blog Template on Squarespace

Let’s see again that you want a sidebar on every single one of your blog posts but you don’t necessarily want to manually create one every single time you write a blog post. Well you don’t have to! You can just use your already created template and get straight to writing. For ex: this blog post you are reading right now has a sidebar thanks to my blog template.

Template’s are also useful when your blogs always follow a general structure ex: Text, links to recent posts, image, text, authors bio, freebie optin.

All you have to do is:

  1. Go into your blog page

  2. Click on the plus sign to start a new blog

  3. Create your template and then click save

  4. Every time you want to write a new blog post just open up your template and click on “Duplicate”

#3) Spacer Block


It sounds so basic but the spacer block is often overlooked. When you add a new block to any page it’s added right under so this is where the space blocks comes into play. You can added it above, below, and to the sides of any of your other blocks and even resize it by dragging it.

Here is an example of how I could use the spacer bar to elongate my banner image on my Blog page.


Blog Post Page with small spacer blocks

Blog Post Page with small spacer blocks

Blog page with large spacers

Blog page with large spacers


I didn't have to use any complex coding or anything just two simple spacer blocks!


#4) Custom font

I wrote a whole blog post about exactly how to add custom fonts to your Squarespace site but I thought it was worth mentioning since it makes such a huge difference on keeping your site on brand. You can check out the full step by step blog post on how to do this here.

#5) Image captions for Pinterest


Last but not least is your image captions on Pinterest. Pinterest is a hugeee website traffic driver so If you aren’t already using it then it’s something you should definitely consider.

If you are on Pinterest and are trying to figure out how to add your pin description on Squarespace then you’ve come to the right place. All you have to do is add alt text to your pinnable image and then hide the caption and you’re done! Again, super simple but super helpful!

Make sure to hide the caption when you're done writing it unless you don't mind it appearing on your actual blog post

Make sure to hide the caption when you're done writing it unless you don't mind it appearing on your actual blog post

This is how it will appear on Pinterest

This is how it will appear on Pinterest

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