7 Creative Places To Add An Opt In That Will Help Grow Your Email List


It seems like email lists are what everyone seems to be talking about these days and for good reasons. Your email list is just that, yours! So it doesn't matter if there's a new algorithm change affecting your organic reach on your social media platforms because you have guaranteed access to your audience.

Of course open and click rates determine your actual reach but an email list allows you to build that genuine relationship with your audience. I actually wrote a whole blog post about why implementing a “freebies/opt-in” approach is the best way to grow your email list so you can check out that post here.

So you have your killer freebie created and now what?

Find out the 7 places to add an opt-in in order to grow your email list! Read the full post and re-pin!

You have to get your opt-in in front of your audience so that they actually click that sign-up button!

Anytime someone lands on your website you are always going to know your website better than them so you need to lead them to the places you want them to go. Most of the time people won't buy from you the first time they come in contact with you so you want to capture their email, develop trust, provide value, provide value, then pitch them on your services.

Side note: Nope, that wasn't a typo, I wrote provide value twice to get my point across because once someone trades their email for your freebie they are expecting to get an immense amount of value from you and you cant let them down!

Sometimes readers need to be told what to do or in other words what you would like them to do so don't be afraid of throwing some CTA’s their way!

You need to make sure your readers see your awesome freebie and subscribe, signs up, download, opt-in, or whatever you want to call it.

Simply put, Call To Actions (CTA’S) are your best friend when it comes to building your email list, having someone book a consult call with you, sharing your blog, etc…

Ok so where the heck do you place your value-packed opt-in?

1. Announcement bar/ Hello bar

An announcement bar goes at the very top of your website and displays in virtually every page on your website. It looks something like this:

You can see how Jenna is using a quiz as her opt-in in her on brand Announcement Bar.

You can see how Jenna is using a quiz as her opt-in in her on brand Announcement Bar.

You can even customize the message, font, and color to match your branding. This is a great place to include a CTA for people to download your freebie aka start growing that email list of yours.

For all you Squarespace users I have good news! Squarespace offers that feature for free as part of their plan! All you have to do is go on: Design ⇒ Announcement Bar => Enable Announcement Bar⇒ Edit your message

If you’re on Wordpress you can install an announcement bar through Hello Bar or any other third party plugins with the same functionalities.

2. Pop- up

I have a love-hate relationship with pop-ups because they can be annoying at times (from a customer perspective) but from a marketing standpoint, they can convert really well.

Full disclosure, at the time I am writing this I haven't experimented with pop-ups but it's in the works!

You can place your pop-up on just your homepage, all your pages, or just certain pages so it’s really up to you. If you aren’t sure where to place them just test it and see how people respond, you can always adjust later.

Squarespace has a full tutorial on how to add pop-ups to your site without any plugins or code so you can check that out here. If you are running your site on Wordpress then you have a couple options for both paid or free pop-up plugins so I would recommend checking out this article to help you choose.

3. Homepage

Your homepage is usually the first place people land on so why not take advantage of the opportunity and capture emails?

I’ve seen a lot of people have it in the first section of their homepage like this:

Melyssa Griffin Homepage with example of her homepage opt-in

Or you can even place it lower down on your homepage.

4. Footer

A huge one that I don't see enough people using is the footer! When you place your freebie in your footer it will appear on every single page of your website. Your footer stays consistent throughout so you don’t need to worry about adding it every single time.

This is great because no matter what page your audience lands on they will see your opt-in option at the bottom of the page.

Here is an ex of my footer:

JNL Media Co. Footer

If you are on Squarespace and you just don’t want your footer appearing on a certain page then all you have to do is follow these instructions to remove it from your page.

  1. Open your page on Google Chrome
  2. If you are on a Mac then right click then click on 'view page source'
  3. Click command + F to search and search for the word “title”
  4. Scroll down to you find the word “title” the name of your page followed by “id”
  5. Once you find this “id” tag followed by a long number then copy just the numbers
  6. Go to Design ==> Custom CSS and paste the following code and replace the 'numberyoucopied' piece with the number you copied in step 5

    #collection-numberyoucopied {

         header, footer {

                display: none !important;



    5. Blog Posts

    Including your related freebie on your blog post is almost a guaranteed opt in as long as it’s related to what your readers are there for.

    For ex: Let’s say you write a blog post about how to make a healthy frozen yogurt dessert for your family but then include an opt-in tilted “Get The Ultimate Recipe For Making A Triple Fudge Sundae For Your Next Sleepover” then how many people will actually opt-in? I would guess probably none.

    That was a horrible title but I'm sure you get the point! On the other hand,  including a freebie that works as a content upgrade will turn that cold traffic into leads.

    You can see in the screenshot below how Rachel uses a "grab my free cheat sheet here" CTA to get people to sign up to her emai list. People are there to learn about Pinterest so she offers them a content upgrade about Pinterest, its basically a win-win for both parties. (She even has it in her side bar as well!) 

    Rachel Ngom's freebie on her blog post

    6. Sidebar

    Speaking of sidebars, if you have a sidebar on your blog then it’s a perfect spot to place your opt-in. So an opt-in may not be related to a specific blog post but if your reader happens to look at your sidebar and is interested in the value that opt-in will deliver then there you go, another opt-in!

    7. Resource Library

    This is another option you want to consider if you have a lot of freebies you’ve created over time. It’s basically an all-access pass for your audience to get their (virtual) hands on!

    I’ve seen it on the footer of peoples websites and its usually titled “Resource library”, “Freebies”, or “Insider Vault”. You can ask your visitors for their email in exchange for the password that unlocks this page of all kinds of goodies you’ve put together for them.

    If you have various freebies then more power to you! Use them to your advantage and place different freebies on any, some, or all of the seven places I just went over with you.

    I hope this helped spark some ideas on how you can generate more subscribers with your email list. Let me know what you thought in the comments below.