Squarespace Website Design + Branding Launch for Allison Barlow | Makeup Artist


I had so much fun working on this project with Allison and I’m happy to announce that her site is officially live!

-Allison Barlow Portfolio Mockup

If you love yourself some pastel colors and glitter then you’re going to love Allison’s branding + website.

Allison came to me wanting a complete rebrand and website because she was unhappy with her current one. Her branding visuals and website didn’t reflect her vision and the look, style, and feel were not aligned with her ideal client.

Allison Barlow provides on-location makeup services for weddings, photoshoots, and special events in the Virginia & D.C area. She wanted to showcase her expertise and make sure her new website would attract her ideal client. With over 9 years of experience, Allison has a large portfolio and testimonials to showcase so I used both throughout her site to show her expertise and capabilities.

I am nowhere being engaged but I joked with her that I knew who I would be hiring to do my makeup when that day comes! But for now I want to invite you to see how her branding and website came together over the course of 3 weeks.

Phase 1: Client Questionnaire + Moodboard

From creating an ideal client avatar to her website inspiration, Allison first completed her client questionnaire so that she could define who it is that she serves and how she wants her brand to be perceived. The questionnaire and Pinterest board also helped me step into her shoes and better understand what she does, who she does it for, how she wants her clients to feel when they interact with brand, and more.


Allison said:

The questionnaire really made me answer questions about my business and my brand that I hadn't even asked myself. It made me focus on who I want to serve and how I want to get there. The Pinterest inspo board also really helped me hone in on what I want my brand to convey and look.
Mood Board for Allison Barlow


From this questionnaire and our kick off call I put together a mood board consisting of four images and a mock up logo. I never start designing a logo until after the mood board is completed so that’s why I always use a mock up for the mood board.


Mood boards are super important before starting with design because it helps both the client and the designer agree on a visual representation of the style and feel of the brand. It helps ensure that we are both on the same page before we start the project and no time is wasted on designing things that are not representative of the brand.


From the images Allison had pinned to her Pinterest inspo board and her answers to some of the questions on the questionnaire, i put together a mood board that represented the feelings we were going for: Romantic, girly, inviting, luxurious, glamorous, and approachable.


Once Allison approved the mood-board I sent over two color palette options and finalized the mood-board design with the chosen color palette. Allison was leaning towards pastel pinks, gold, rose gold, blush, grey, black, and navy blue but once we had the images for the mood board it was clear what direction we would be taking.

Squarespace Branding + Website Design Launch for Allison Barlow.


Phase 2: Main Logo + Branding Board


After the mood-board was completed it was time to go to the drawing board!


Since Allison wasn’t happy with her current logo she had a clear idea of what she did and didn't want in her new logo. She knew she wanted some type of handwritten font for her name and wanted the “Makeup Artist” part to be clear and legible.


With the mood- board done and Allison’s feedback I created a couple options for her to choose from and we arrived at this design:

Allison Barlow Final Logo


We used Magnolia Sky font with a gold masking to create a luxurious but girly logo for Allison. For the  “Makeup Artist” part I used the Garamond Premier Pro font.

Branding Style Board- Allison Barlow

The main logo is the first step to a beautiful branding style board so I then moved on to creating a favicon, submark, alternative logo, visual elements, and choosing her fonts. I love adding visual elements to my clients branding boards so that they have custom made unique elements to add personality to their brand and website. Here is Allison’s final Branding Board:

Phase 3: Website Design + Edits + Off boarding

Phase three was all about incorporating her new branding visuals with a strategically designed website.

A beautiful design is very important but so is having a clear understanding of strategy, conversions, and user experience. When designing Allison’s site here are a few things I kept in mind:


  • Allison’s business revolves around booking clients for on location makeup services so I needed to design a site that lead her visitors to the pages that would allow them to do so.

  • Competition in her industry is very high but Allison has been in her industry for over 9 years and has been featured in many magazines plus has really great reviews, so I should emphasize this throughout her site

  • Allison's brand personality is: Professional, knowledgeable, trustworthy, classic, luxurious

  • The way she wants people to feel when they interact with her website: Beautiful, understood, elegant, taken care of, timeless

  • Include Call to actions ( CTA’s ) that support our end goal

  • In terms of design, Allison does not like how her current website has the same structure on every page

  • Move from Five template to Rally template on the Brine family to be able to use Index pages

After week two of our time together Allison had a completely new on brand website that supported her goals! Week three was all about edits and off-boarding (live walkthrough, sending final files, answering any questions) then launch time!


This was honestly a really fun project to work on so go checkout the live site and let me know what you think in the comments section below.

What Allison had to say about working with JNL Media Co.: 

How smooth was the on-boarding process? Is there something I could have done to help you better understand what deliverables I needed from you, process, and project scope?

I told you before, I am absolutely in AWE of how smoothly and efficiently you run your business. From the initial getting to know you call, to the final sending of the things - everything was 100% on point.

What did you like about Asana? What did you not like? Was the process break down straightforward?

I liked how everything was viewable in one place, but also readily available in my email if I couldn't get to Asana right away. It was completely transparent, and showed me exactly what you expected from me and what I could expect from you.

Did you like my three week timeline vs. traditional 6-8 week website design turnaround time?

HELL YES. You were so much quicker than my last girl! Had it not been for the last minute moving/travelling/end of school year - I would have been much more on top of things!


"I had previously hired someone to build my Squarespace website, and was less than thrilled with the results but I dealt with it because I didn't have the time or patience to build it myself.  I knew upon our first contact that Jessica was going to be the complete opposite of that.  Our first phone call was so relaxed, she was easy to talk to, and asked so many great questions about me and my brand.  Her questionnaire about my brand made me ask questions about my business that I hadn't even asked myself!  She is thorough, and dedicated to the wants and needs of you as a business owner.  I am, admittedly, very particular and she was so patient and giving of her time and expertise.  The building process was super streamlined, there was a dedicated timeline in her program of choice, Asana.  It told me when I needed to do things, and when I could expect her to do things.  When I needed to deliver things to her, when she would deliver things to me.  I loved being able to pull it up on my phone and see where she was in the process.  At the end of the build, she really took the time to make sure I understood how to run the back end of Squarespace and even recorded it for me so I can reference it if I need to.  I appreciate how much Jessica loves what she does, and that her turn around time is quick for such an intensive project.  Her passion for branding and building is evident in how much she does for you and with you.  It truly is a collaborative effort from picking out your brand colors, to the fonts on your page, down to how the contact boxes are formatted.  Jessica is a master of her craft and I am thankful she put my vision onto my website.  I can't say enough about her or her work.  I definitely, 100% recommend her to everyone!  Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!"