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Why Your Website Is Never Truly Finished

I have some good news for you!  Your website is like a gift that keeps on giving because it’s basically a 24/7 employee that you don’t have to pay! Don’t worry, it’s not illegal or anything! Of course, you have to invest time and money at first but once you do it’s pretty much up and running by itself except for one small detail…

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My Journey To Becoming A Full Time Squarespace Web Designer and Digital Nomad

Where to even begin with this post!? As cheesy as it sounds, I’ve been on this journey since the day I decided to major in Marketing at SDSU, which was not until my second semester of Freshman year. Yes, I was one of those people that came into college as “Undeclared” because I was a clueless seventeen-year-old that had to choose what she wanted to do for the rest of her life before she was even legally allowed to vote.

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How to stay Motivated In An Overcrowded Online World

As a business owner myself, I’m familiar with the all to common word we all need and want but can’t ever seem to have enough of. Motivation has become such an overused word that it’s often confused with action. Hate to break it to you but motivation is not a solution but it can be the fuel you need in order to take action when you are feeling overwhelmed by the online world. So how do you go about even finding the motivation in the first place?

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