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5 Mistakes You're Probably Making When Setting Up Your Pinterest for Business Account

I have to admit when I first started trying to understand Pinterest I had such a hard time wrapping my head around it. It’s not like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Why? Because Pinterest is NOT a social media platform but a search engine. Think of it as a visual Google, you type something into the search button and Pinterest smart feed shows image after image of relevant content

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Transferring vs. Connecting Your Domain To Squarespace

Ready for the user friendly, modern, SEO ready, and little to no code Squarespace world? I hope I’m not making my love for Squarespace too obvious but if you’re reading this then I have a feeling that the feeling is mutual. Whether you purchased your domain somewhere like GoDaddy but don’t have a live site or you have your domain already connected to a live site, the process is similar.

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How To Remove Hyphens From Mobile On Your Squarespace Site

Today’s post will be a short one but it’s super helpful when looking to make your site mobile friendly. Squarespace sites come mobile optimized already but for some reason they didn’t get rid of hyphens. First of all, what are the purpose of hyphens anyways!? I mean I know what the purpose is but who actually uses them?

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