The Three Things Every Website Homepage Should Include


One of the things I noticed most clients struggle with is their homepage... Like what are you actually supposed to include? A pretty picture? Sure. Cute glittery buttons? Maybe. But what about the stuff that actually matters? The things that make for an effective homepage to your online storefront?



Well, I am about to cover just that! The three things every website homepage should are true for almost any type of industry, especially for service-based businesses!


Before I dive right into it I want to remind you that I have put together a 12-page in-depth checklist that will help you find clarity in the process of creating a website that serves its purpose!


Your homepage is the first thing people see when they land on your site so it's super important you include the right type of information. So what exactly makes for an effective homepage website? Read the full post and don't forget to download my free website success checklist! 

Also, I included two mini case studies at the end so make sure you read the full post ☺️

Ok, so what actually goes on your homepage?

1. What you do, who you help, and how you help them

Our attention span nowadays is almost non-existent so it’s super important you let people know:

  • What you do

  • Who you help

  • How you help them

Most of the time your homepage will be the first thing people see when they first come in contact with you so you need to be clear about what’s in it for them. You also need to reassure them that they’ve come to right place because you can solve their problem.

2. Opt-in

When someone lands on your website, whether they found you through social media or organically through Google, they are probably not that familiar with you so the odds of them buying from you right away are low.


How do you build a relationship with your audience if you don't have a way of getting in contact with them after they leave your webpage?

Email Marketing!


Your homepage should absolutely have either a freebie or some type of opt-in for your audience to be able to choose to get more valuable content from you.


Yes, social media allows you to build a relationship with your clients but there is no guarantee that they will see your posts so email marketing is the best way to make sure you get in front of your client.


One of the number one mistakes people make when building their business is not prioritizing email marketing so make sure you don’t fall victim to this.


3. CTA's

CTA is short for “Call To Action” and it’s exactly what it sounds like. Most of the time you need to tell your viewers what to do! Not in a mean/demanding way but you know your website better than your audience so telling them what action you want them to take next is helping them navigate your website.


Whether you want them to click into your services, download your freebie, contact you, or book an appointment, you need to make it known.

4.  Bonus Sections

So, I decided to throw in a fourth point of “good to include” sections for your homepage because I’ve seen these work really well for a lot of people:


  1. Quick Intro: People buy from people so introducing yourself on your homepage is always a good idea. You can write a quick intro and then include an option for people to “Learn More” about you and link that to your about page

  2. Testimonials: If you have any testimonials then definitely include them on your homepage! Displaying social proof makes your more credible and shows people the quality of work you can deliver

  3. Instagram feed: I love this because it allows potential clients to follow you on Instagram and connect on a deeper level. This of course only works if you are fairly active on Instagram and is better than just including plain social links.

  4. Blog: A blog is the best way to give free valuable content to your ideal client so an “On the blog” or “Popular Posts” section is an effective way to drive traffic to your blog.


Case Studies


Here are two mini case studies of some amazing women I look up to and their killer homepages:


#1: Marie Forleo

Live site

Marie Forleo's Homepage

#2: Celinne Da Costa

Live Site

Celinne Da Acosta's Homepage
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