The Top 6 Podcasts Every Girl Boss needs to Listen To


What does driving in traffic, doing laundry, and cleaning have in common? For one you probably don’t want to be doing said activity and two you can’t physically do anything else but that activity, which requires little to no brainpower.

So what better time to listen to a podcast!? My life has changed  (bit dramatic, I know) since I discovered this whole audio world that took me from being bored to death in traffic to actually looking forward to my drives so that I could consume more content. Ok might have been exaggerating there a bit with the whole “looking forward to my drives” but you get the point.

There are so many podcasts out there that it's easy to get a bit overwhelmed so I put together a list of the top 6  podcasts every #girlboss should have on their Podcast app.

I mean why not learn from those who have done what you are about to do instead of listening to the same song for the thousandth time?

What Are The Top 6 Podcasts Every #GIRLBOSS Needs To Listen To? 

Pursuit With Purpose Podcast

#1: Pursuit With Purpose

By: Melyssa Griffin- Entrepreneur and blogger




Topics: Controlling your emotions, creating better relationships, side-hustles, course-launches, online marketing strategies, meditation, brain performance, holistic wellbeing, and starting your own business

Best combination of both life and business advice

There are so many useful tips in each episode that you can apply to both life and business. Melyssa’s podcast has a special take on business/entrepreneurship by taking a deeper dive into the human aspect that makes the business possible and all the life events/emotions/decisions that go into it.

Beyond Influential Podcast

By:  Brittany Krystle - Personal Brand & Growth Expert, Team Gary Vee Alum, non-practicing lawyer



Topics: Power of influence, personal branding, SEO, blogging, strategy, virality, Medium, launching a business, how to get started, social media, growth hacking

The Power of Influence

I came across Brittany during a blogging summit I was watching and immediately knew she was #girlbossgoals! She has so much knowledge in the personal branding arena, from working with names like Tom Bilyeu (Quest Nutrition/ Impact Theory), Bonin Bough (one of the youngest C-Suite executives in Fortune 50 history), Danika Brysha (IMG Models), and Marie Forleo (B-School). Brittany is also one year into launching her own business so she shares a lot of the things she’s learned along the way.

Profit With Purpose Podcast

#3: Anna Goldstein’s Profit with Purpose

By: Anna Goldstein’s- NYU certified coach, entrepreneur, Huffington post contributor, and author


Topics: Being bold, self love, side-hustle, finding your purpose, entrepreneurship, body/mind connection, introvert, mindfulness, meditation, women’s health, mental game, overcoming limiting believes, online strategy, copywriting, confidence, standing out, goal setting, and financial freedom

Empowering aspiring entrepreneurs to find purpose

Through her podcast, Anna inspires aspiring entrepreneurs to live by the “you don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going” motto. The podcasts name couldn’t fit any better as the people on this show range from entrepreneurs to healers who used their passion to pursue their purpose and made profit simultaneously. Like Melyssa’s podcast, Anna finds a way to weave in spiritual/feel good topics into her podcast that resonate with any person trying to overcome the mental roadblocks to starting a business.

She Did It Her Way Podcast

#4: She Did It Her Way Podcast: Female Entrepreneurs, Business Women, and Online Creative’s

By: Amanda Boleyn- Business Consultant, Sales Trainer, and Leadership Development Speaker

Topics: Starting a business, hustle, taking the leap, building community, authenticity, finding your passion, optimizing, eliminating negative thoughts, resilience, reinventing, e-commerce, building your story, and productivity

Female entrepreneur heaven!

As you probably guessed by the title of the podcast, Amanda specializes in showcasing the stories of successful female entrepreneurs that took the leap to becoming full blown girl bosses! I really enjoy how Amanda digs deep into the mindsets of these women and the why as well as the how they were able to launch their businesses.

She's Making An Impact Podcast

#5: She’s Making an Impact

By: Rachel Ngom - Pinterest Strategist



Topics: Pinterest, email growth, website traffic, passive income, side hustles, and lead generation


All-things Pinterest Marketing

Rachel is such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to not only Pinterest but building a business in general. Her podcast is fairly new but she has about fourteen packed episodes for you to learn how to find success on Pinterest and turn your side hustle into a full blown business.

The Goal Digger Podcast

#6: The Goal Digger Podcast

By:  Jenna Kutcher  - photographer, podcaster, educator, and Entrepreneur



Topics: Content creation, finding balance, masterminds, niches, photography, meditation, virality, being multi-passionate, entrepreneurship, side hustles, writing copy, productivity, outsourcing, and social media


Informative and uplifting

Jenna’s genuine positivity can really be felt in each and every one of her episodes! One of her main mottos is authenticity so she always tells it like it is and provides answers and support for all her subscribers.

I hope you subscribe to all of these and start absorbing what these ladies have to share. What’s your all-time favorite podcast?


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