What’s A Welcome Email Sequence & Why You Need One

Why exactly should you have an welcome email sequence? Find out why you should jump on this asap and see an example of what I include in my welcome emails.

Hi there! So glad that you’ve landed on today’s blog post where we will be reviewing exactly why you should have a welcome email sequence and how I set mine up.

I’ve written about why email marketing is so important for your business before and how to grow your list using freebie opt-ins, but what do you do after? You’ve got this awesome list growing but once they opt in they sorta just sit there until you decide to send them a newsletter.


To be completely honest with you I had never even heard of the “Welcome Email Sequence” concept and was a bit confused about it at first. I was so focused on creating a killer freebie opt-in that I ignored the step after. Yes, having a value based freebie is super important to get subscribers but the way you treat your subscribers after they sign up is equally as important.


Think of it this way, you find someone online that you know you would be great friends with because you are into the same things. You notice that you both love hiking so you send them a direct message on Instagram letting them know about a hiking group you put together and invite them to join. They agree to come along so you send them the details of the meet-up and they seem genuinely excited to come along. Once the day comes they show up but instead of talking to them you simply ignore them. They are completely weirded out and don’t really know who you actually are or what to expect from you. So they hike up the mountain a bit with you but then decide to turn back because you are simply not engaging with them.


Ok so that was a bit of a weird story but you get the point. This is what not having a welcome email sequence feels like to your audience. They voluntarily sign up to your list and give you their attention and you simply ignore them. Of course you may be planning to send out your weekly email by the end of the week but it’s only a recap of your blog posts for the week so they never get the proper welcoming they deserve.

A welcome email sequence does just that for you. It tells your newly signed up audience exactly who you are, what you can do for them, and what they can expect from you moving forward. It’s just the polite thing to do because who likes to be left hanging? No one.  

So now that you know why you too should jump on the welcome email sequence bandwagon, I thought it would be helpful if I walked you through mine. I read multiple posts regarding how to put a welcome email sequence together and I took a bit of each to build mine up so feel free to use any of the following info to build yours.

I decided to break mine up into six separate emails but most people recommend anywhere from 5-10 depending on your industry and such. Also the time triggers between each can vary so I’ll let you know what I set mine up as. I set my six emails to go out within a 31 day time period aka a month but you can spread yours out within two months if you'd like.

Email #1:

Send immediately after person signs up for my email list via freebie opt in “The Ultimate Guide For Website Success”

Subject: Thanks for subscribing! Now what?

  • Let them know what type of information they will be receiving
    • Ex: I can’t wait to share branding, Squarespace, business, and marketing tips with you.
  • What are you going to do for them?
    • Ex:  My goal is to make your life easier and provide you with actionable tactics that you can implement in your own business!
  • When do you publish content?
    • Ex: I publish new blog posts every week on Tuesday’s and Friday’s. Tuesdays I cover topics related to running + marketing your business and Fridays are dedicated to Squarespace topics.
  • What can they expect now?
    • Ex: So what can you expect now that you’ve subscribed? You’re going to be receiving a couple emails this month, to get you on board the JNL Media Co. community, and you will also be hearing from me regularly through our newsletter.
  • Link to your latest blog
    • Ex: In the meantime, you can check what’s new on the blog!
  • Send link for freebie you had promised
    • Ex: Also, in case you missed the link to download “The Ultimate Guide For Website Success” here it is

Email #2:

Send two days after the previous email goes out

Subject: Let’s Connect!

  • Engage audience by asking if they have any questions regarding your freebie
    • Ex:  … so I was wondering if you had any questions on it? I am here to help so just hit that reply button.
  • Invite them to connect on social media
    • Ex: … social media with us so you can be one of the first to hear about new blog posts, tips, and more! You can find us over at:

Email #3

Send two days after the previous email goes out

Subject: What do you struggle with?

  • Engage your audience and ask them what they need the most help with
    • Ex: So I’d love to learn more about some of the things you struggle with when it comes to your website, branding, and marketing so that I can tailor the emails I send to your specific interests. Let me know by replying to this email. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Email #4

Send eleven days after the previous email goes out

Subject: What do you have to offer?

  •  Let them know what you have to offer and how you are different than your competition
    • Ex: My marketing background allows me to offer you not only beautiful designs but also a complementary marketing overview and strategy session. 
    • Ex: I focus only on Squarespace because I believe it’s the best platform for non-techies who want a custom made website with a user-friendly back end. My ideal client needs a well built website but doesn’t need the open-source platform and coding Wordpress offers, I may be losing out on some clients but that’s totally ok!
    • EX: Working with a designer that truly cares about your business and success makes all the difference in the world. On top of that I know you are busy so I put in my place a one week branding package, two week website, and three week branding + website package experience!

Email #5:

Send tend days after the previous email goes out

Subject:  The A To Your Q

  • Share any popular FAQ they should know about
    • You can embed these in your email or share a link to a page on your site that has the answers. I chose to send my readers to a link on my site so that the email didn’t end up being super long

Email #6:

Send five days after the previous email goes out

Subject: I have a question for you

  • Ask your audience if they would like to learn more about your services/products
    • Ex: So whether you’re getting started or are in need of a re-fresh I’d love to work with you! You can schedule a consultation or simply reply to this email.  I’d love to hop on a call to review your business goals and needs. This is a great way for me to learn more about what you are looking for and for you to learn about what I can do for you.

I hope you found my email sequence useful and can use bits and pieces to create one for your own business. Let me know what you 


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