Why You Should Be Batching Your Social Media Posts And How To Do It


Running a business is more than setting up a website, google analytics, an invoicing system, and getting your tax ID #. All of these things are super important but so is growing your brand, gaining an audience, and getting your voice heard. Your social media platforms are the absolute best way to do this so I’m glad you are reading this because that means you already understand the power of social media.

Now that we got the “why social media is so important” topic out of the way let’s talk about batching! When you think of batching content you might think about baking and you’re not wrong for doing so. The concept is somewhat similar so let me explain.

When you make a batch of cookies you are making a lot of cookies at once using the same ingredients. I mean why would you mix all the ingredients, make one cookie, and then have to start all over again to make another cookie that uses the same ingredients?

The same concept applies to posting on social media for your biz. When you focus on social media scheduling one day for a specific amount of time then you’re more effective with your time.

What is batching when it comes to social media and how can you implement it in your business? Batching let's you be more effective with your time as a biz owner so learn how I do this in my business #businesstips

I bet you don't want to worry about having to stop what you're doing to then find the perfect picture, draft up a caption, open up your different social media profiles, and post every single day.

Realistically no one has the bandwidth to do this because we have clients to take care, a business to run, and a life to live. So batching really allows you to execute your social media strategy more easily and follow your content calendar.

I am by no means saying social media is just a box to check but it is something you need to be consistent with so batching will help you stay consistent! Batching most of your social media posts will also help you post during the times that you get the most engagement. You don't want to find yourself having to set an alarm daily just so you can remember to post at a particular time.

You can still be spontaneous though! Batching and scheduling all your posts for the week doesn't mean you can't post that awesome on brand picture + caption or status that came to you while you were on a run this morning. If you want to post something today just move what you had scheduled for another day and you’re good to go!

So you can you go about batching your social media posts?

Well, thank god for technology! There are tons of social media scheduling apps in the market now but I will talk about my absolute favorite ones + they are all free or have a free version to it.


I am obsessed with later! It makes it so much easier to stay on top of my IG game since I can upload pictures straight from my computer, write my captions, add hashtags, schedule and see how they will look. You get 30 posts on their free plan and even get access to analytics for freee! Doesn’t get better than that!


I can preview my feed even before my scheduled posts are published.

I can preview my feed even before my scheduled posts are published.

Facebook Scheduler

Call me old school but I love the native facebook scheduler because it’s just easier for me to do it this way. If I am already on FB it’s pretty easy to just pop into my business FB page and schedule a week's worth of posts.


I’m sure you’ve heard of Hootsuite before as it’s a pretty big player in the scheduling game. I used Hootsuite during my social media intern days and really liked it since you can post to 3 different social media platforms for free as well.



If you are on big on Twitter then TweetDeck is a big one! Besides scheduling posts, you have access to customizable feeds and notification alerts!


So there you have it, they why and how behind social media batching for your business. I hope you took something away from this post and can start implementing it asap. Let me know if you have any questions in the comment section below.


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